We specialize in made-from-scratch mounted planter toolbars as well as upgrades of industry standard toolbars. Because our toolbars are entirely hand-made by us in our shop, we are able to customize to your specifications.

Your toolbar is built, assembled, and tested in-house, and will arrive as a turn-key, field-ready machine.

Each toolbar comes standard with:

  • Gull wing functionality
  • Vertical folding for easy transport
  • Up and down flex of toolbar to follow the contours of your field
  • Hidden weight feature
  • Double bar construction – increases the durability and strength of your toolbar, and adds weight for smoother speed planting
  • Choice of finish
  • CCS delivery system

You also have the option of outfitting your toolbar with the latest in Precision Planting technology and equipment.

As a PlanterWorx customer, you’ll receive full service attention. We’re available by phone and will make field calls within a 150 mile radius. With your toolbar you’ll also receive:

  • Help with installs
  • Easy access to parts
  • 1 year of free service