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2016 Harvest International 36 Row 20 in


Delta Force, V Drive, Wave Vision, Yetter 013 shark teeth, with Clean Sweep, Totally Tubular in furrow, Mud Smith gauge wheels, New parallel links in 2019. 8700 Acres

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2015 John Deere DR 24 Row 30in


ME5 Row Units, Delta Force Vdrive, Clean Sweep, and Speed Tube Cooper Head Ag closing wheels, hydraulic Sure fire fertilizer pump, dual band fertilizer placement behind closing system, 1000 gallon storage tank on rear lift wheels. 15000 Acres Contact 308-991-7717

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2012 John Deere 1720 16 row 30in


Stack Fold, XP Row units, Pro Max 40, 3 bu Air force, Gen 1 20/20, Yetter Shark Tooth with Clean Sweep, Cable drive, Infurrow and behind Fert. 6000 Acres Contact 308-991-7717

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2011 John Deere 1720CCS 16 row 30in


Stack Fold CCS, XP Row units, 3 hyd motors, cable drive, Esets, air bags , row command, gauge wheel bushing have been replaced with bearing in 19 Sure Fire fert with section control. 16,000 Acres Contact 308-991-7717

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2009 John Deere DB 60 24/47 30in/15in


Front fold, Xp row units, Gen 2 20/20, Row Flow, Air Force, row clutches, cable drive, Esets on corn rows, Sure Fire fert system with section control 30,000 Acres Contact 308-991-7717

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2009 Case 1200 16 row 36in


Moore Built Stack Bar with Lift assist wheel no markers but have them if you want. Gen 2 20/20 Infurrow and out the back fert New In 2015 V Drive, Delta Force New In 2016 Yetter 097s with Clean Sweep 24000 total Acres 10,800 on Delta Force V drive. Contact 308-991-7717

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2007 John Deere 1720 16 Row 30 in


Xp row row units, 3 bu box, air bags, cable drive,pro max 40, black wedge box, Schlagel closing wheels. 9923 Acres Contact Cody Robinson 308-991-7717

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