Who We Are

Our reputation is our greatest reward.

Dreaming big for planter perfection

As farmers, agronomy enthusiasts, and Premier Precision Planting dealers in south central Nebraska, we have always dreamed of a mounted planter design that was flawless.

We needed a planter that could ride smooth at high speeds. We needed one with more rows, and could move with the contours of the land. A planter like this was nowhere to be found, and no one was willing to make one for us.

That’s when we decided to solve this problem ourselves. We built our toolbar with all of the essentials, and then added more weight for a smoother ride, and up and down flex so that the toolbar moved with the land. As Precision Planting dealers, we also outfitted the toolbar with the latest in planting technology.

Once our toolbar was put to work, we knew we had a product that farmers needed.

Since then, we have remained committed to building the best products and providing the best service we possibly can for farmers. As farmers ourselves, we know your biggest hurdles, and will do everything we can to solve your planting problems.


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